Micro-Needle Roller

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Are you growing thin, patchy facial hair? Having trouble getting your mustache to connect all the way to your beard and really pull together your look? 

Micro-needling has been used for decades to help fight the signs of aging skin, but recently multiple studies have shown it to be effective at stimulating hair growth as well!

 The pins penetrate just deep enough into the skin to stimulate new cell production and boost circulation, helping you get your beard looking thick, luscious, and the way God intended.


0.25mm Roller: The pins in this roller are just long enough to stimulate transdermal absorption. Which is a fancy way of saying "makes your skin absorb products more efficiently." Use the 0.25mm roller 2-3 times a week to increase blood circulation to the area. Pair with our beard oils to increase absorption of nutrients flowing to your hair follicles.

 0.75mm Roller: Provides deeper penetration, prompting your body into act as if it's healing a small wound. This stimulates the production of collagen, which is a necessary component of hair-building proteins. Use the 0.75mm roller once a month to increase your body's ability to produce, strengthen, and thicken its hair cells.

  • Make sure to wet hair prior to use, to avoid hair being caught and pulled in roller.
  • Be sure to clean roller thoroughly after every use.

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